10 Must-Have Features To Your Food Delivery Application

Building a food delivery application or food ordering application is not as hard as we think. But it is a bit difficult to stand out from the competitors. There are various food delivery applications like UberEats and GrubHub available in the market that are getting huge response from the customers. We all know how a food delivery app is essential for us. In today’s time, almost every second person uses a food ordering application to place an order online. What does a user wants in an on-demand food delivery application is easy-to-use features, an appealing User Interface (UI), quick support, easy payment option, hassle-free delivery, etc.

If you are planning to develop your own food ordering mobile application, but have no idea what features you should integrate. Don’t worry, this article is for you.

Here in this article, we will list the top most useful features that will help you achieve constant growth in this competitive market.

The first thing you need to know about food delivery mobile app development is that-

You need to develop three different panels for food ordering mobile application- 

  • Admin Panel- In this, admin can monitor all the activities such as users, delivery boys, restaurants, orders, payment, and many more.
  • User Panel- The customer app is one that the customers use to place an online order. This app should be user-friendly and help them compare different restaurants and offers.
  • Restaurant – A restaurant owner controls and manages the delivery orders with this web-based platform.
  • Courier/Delivery Person Panel- The delivery personnel manages pick-up and drop-off of orders with this app.

10 Must-Have Features To Your Food Delivery Application

Here are the must-have features that you can integrate into your app to provide customers an amazing experience.

  1. Loyalty, rewards, and discount programs

As per the reports, 37% of customers use the mobile app to look for discounts. While 26% of customers use the app for Redeeming/earning loyalty points. You should integrate this feature to increase the order rate. Allowing customers to refer the app to friends & families and earn discount coupons also helps you in product branding.

  • Save as Favorites

This is one of the best features that allow your customers to mark and save their favorite dishes in the app so that they can add the favorite disc into the cart easily without wasting time searching all over again.

  • Real-time tracking

Various customers look at the estimated time of delivery before ordering food. It should be transparent while they order online. Integrate a real-time tracking feature in your application so that the customers, from order place to shipment and delivery at the doorstep, can keep track of their order. 

  • Coupons

Coupon or offer is the most important feature that you can’t ignore. This feature helps you increase your customer base and sales figure. Customers prefer an app that provides smart discounts on the order that is why this feature is a must in your food delivery food app.

  • Payments 

The payment system is also one of the best features that add more value to your products. The payment system should be secure and fast. Integrate this feature in your food ordering app and enables your customers to pay for the order of their choice. Ideally, your app should offer multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay/Android Pay, e-wallet, cash-on-delivery, etc. 

  • Smart Search

You should consider this feature in your food app so that customers can search foods by location, offers/discounts, cuisines, and restaurants. With this smart search feature, you are only going to make it easier for the users to find what they want to eat.

  • Restaurant Profile

You can also consider this feature in your app to allow customers to look at the restaurant profile. This helps your customers to get to know about the restaurant, address, total number of orders they received, review & rating, food menu, pricing, etc. So make sure to add this feature to your food ordering mobile application.

  • Customize Order

Probably, you haven’t experienced this feature in your food ordering application. You can integrate this feature into your app to make food ordering more enjoyable. Using this feature, customers can customize their order such as they can add extra cheese in pizza or can add some extra vegetables in pasta or even they can adjust the quantity of their food.

  • Veg/Nov-Veg Option

This feature in your app allows your customers to search food by category wise i.e. Veg and Non-veg. There are a few applications that have the use of this feature. If your application has such this feature, you have the chance to win the heart of millions and billions of users.

  1. Schedule delivery

You can see this feature in the Postmates app. Using this feature, customers can schedule their delivery as per their convenience. They may order their dinner to be delivered at 8:00 pm while they are in their office at 2 pm.


No doubt, you are investing a good amount of time and money in food delivery app development. But what if you are not earning as much as you have invested in it. The above discussed features help you make your position in this fast growing market. You can hire mobile app developer or partner with the best mobile app development company to get your work done.

Want to know more about the extra features of food application, contact our experts today.

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