5 Reasons Why React JS is the Best Technology For App Development

5 Reasons Why React JS is the Best Technology For App Development

The need to continuously improve user experience requires developers and service providers to create web-based applications, to always adapt to the latest technology and trends, in order to create better products. One of the technologies that caught everyone’s attention due to its impressive features is React JS which was launched in 2013.

What is React JS?

With React JS, every web and mobile app development company in India can design simple interfaces for every level of your application. Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that big apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, American Express, Dropbox, eBay, and hundreds of web-based app development providers take advantage of the capabilities of React JS. Businesses or startups are focusing on Node JS to provide a better experience to their users.

So, what is React JS? What makes React JS the technology of choice for web-based application development service providers? We have 8 main reasons to back it up.

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  • Single language for programming

Node.JS allows JavaScript developers to write server-side programs. It helps developers to use the runtime environment to write front-end and back-end web applications in JavaScript. Unlike other frameworks that enforce such rules for app and app creation, Node.js. JS gives freedom to develop applications and software.

  • React JS Is Easy To Learn And Master

Before using technology to develop web and mobile applications, Developers need to learn the basics of the technology and understand its function in order to maximize the available features. React JS is certainly not a full-highlighted framework, however an open-source JavaScript GUI library that focuses on something explicit and expects to achieve any task effectively. React JS is a V in the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design. Any web developer will find it the best and easy tool to build any kind of solution.

  • Easy To Write Components

React JS makes use of JSX, which is an optional syntax extension for JavaScript. Writing code in Node JS is easy and simple with JSX as it makes you able to combine JavaScript with HTML. Because of the more modest number of rules, you can get less difficult assets than different advancements. JSX may not be the most famous syntax extension, however, it has been demonstrated to be productive in creating custom parts or high-volume applications.

  • Support Component Reusability

Reusability of components is a particular benefit for web developers. React JS permits you to reuse components that have been formed into different applications that utilization similar usefulness. This obviously saves time and exertion, combined with the affirmation that your component function without a hitch and impeccably. The greatest benefit offered, the speed of app development is expanded and saves important time for both clients and developers.

  • Allows Creation Of Isomorphic Applications

To make Isomorphic applications, developers can use the same code-base for the server-side and client-side components of an application. This is one approach to application development that offers speed when rendering on the server. This app also increases the chances of search engines indexing your website pages and offers a better experience for users. With React JS you can build components that work seamlessly on both server-side and client-side.

  • Bringing Developer Tools Straight From The Source

React development takes the needs of software engineers very seriously. That’s why React comes with features that earn lots of brownie points from Developers. React Developer Tools is designed as an extension of Chrome dev. This allows you to observe the reactive component hierarchy and check the state and tools of existing components.


React JS makes JavaScript the preferred choice of developers or businesses for building performance-oriented web applications. React.js is the best technology for encoding and transmitting audio, video and transferring multiple files, and streaming data, due to its non-blocking design. 61% of programmers consider React.JS to be an important feature in the long run. If you are planning to build a web app and looking for the best framework or technology then Node JS is the right for you. You can hire mobile app developer or mobile app development company in Jaipur for dynamic mobile app development services.



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