Android vs iOS: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Android vs iOS: Which Is Best For Your Business?

The mobile app market has grown past the perks of a website, to grow immensely with its perks of quick ROIs and unbeatable functionality. Today, every business craves to rise above its competitors with the help of a productive business mobile app. Startups or businesses hire iOS app developer or mobile app development company in India for innovative and feature-rich mobile app development. But the question that arises as a challenge here is-

Android App Development OR iPhone app Development – Which to Choose?

So, to find an answer to the above question let’s take help from the statistics-

1) Return On Investment

iPhone App Development > Android App Development

Here, according to the statistics report of 2016, iPhone apps claim almost 85% higher ROI than Android applications. So a fully functional iOS application from a professional iPhone app development company can be a good choice, but there are other factors to have a look at as we go further.

2) ROI through In-app Purchases

iPhone App Development > Android App Development

The accurate stats show that App Store gains almost 45% more revenue through in-app purchases per user than the Google Play Store.

An average iPhone user has 10% more probability of going for in-app purchase as compared to an Android user.

These stats again hint you go for iOS application development services over Android.

3) Customer Base

Android App Development > iPhone App Development

Android here defeats iPhone, with a total smartphone market share of about 84%. Nonetheless, the accomplishment of your mobile application doesn’t rely upon the size of your crowd, yet your compass to the real client base you desire for your application. iPhone aches for a more exceptional client base that has higher ways of managing money to get superior innovation. On the other end, Android wishes to create a universal customer base. So your choice between Android application development and iPhone app development depends on your target customer base.

Android leads with a larger customer base in some major markets like Asia, South America, and Africa. So if you crave a larger audience for your app you can hire Android app development company India at affordable prices.

4) eCommerce Application

Android app development > iPhone app development

As the statistics read, an average iPhone user has about a 23% probability of shopping from an eCommerce app. While an Android user has a 17% probability of going for online purchase via an eCommerce app. But, as the stats further read, the total purchases in the year 2016 from Android eCommerce apps are far higher than the iOS eCommerce apps, due to the large customer base of the Android app market. So if you wish to empower your eCommerce business, you just need to hire Android app development company that could build an interactive and appealing Android eCommerce application for you.

5) Paid App Downloads

iPhone App Development > Android App Development

Owing to the premium quality of the iPhone customer base, the number of paid app downloads per customer is quite higher than the number of Android users.


Well, here both Android and iOS show the same importance, businesses or startups consider both operating systems as per their requirements. So,I am sure that these statistics would help you to choose a suitable platform for your app development goals. Further, if you desire to build a mobile app you’re your business then hire mobile app development company in India that delivers best-in-class mobile app development services at cost-effective prices.

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