Building Android App For Your Business? Consider Kotlin For Better Experience

Building Android App For Your Business? Consider Kotlin For Better Experience

Today, mobile app development is one of the most sought-after skills in the tech world, and for good reason. There are plenty of opportunities to land a job or a business in mobile app industry, especially since more businesses or startups are moving toward developing their own apps for their customers. Developing Android apps has typically been a Java-based process, but recently Kotlin has emerged as a programming language that can be used to build Android applications. This blog will explore the advantages of using Kotlin with Android and also gives you reasons why you should choose Kotlin over Java for your next Android application development project.

The mobile app development platform- Android has existed for more than a decade now, and it is still a favorite among developers. The number of apps in the PlayStore is increasing each day. Kotlin is an officially supported language by Google, and it compiles to JVM bytecode. Every mobile app development company in India provides mobile app development services and builds Kotlin based mobile apps.

1. It Is Perfectly Integrated With Android Studio

It may seem silly, but the fact that everything works so smoothly out of the box for Android is a potential advantage.

You will have already seen it if you have tried it, but without knowing anything about Kotlin you can have a project assembled and ready to work in less than 10 minutes without any problem.

And from there everything works the same as if you were working with Java: you can run from the IDE, debug without any problem, do refactors, use instant run, etc. Everything you imagine is still there and can still be used.

2. Fully Interoperable

Interoperability means the ability to swap or convert, and Kotlin can do exactly that. To use Kotlin, you don’t need to convert your entire project to Kotlin, but you can have your Java code and your Kotlin code side by side. If you want, you can convert your Java code to Kotlin later. By doing so, you do not need to worry that the development process will be affected. Existing features will remain the same.

3. It Is A Fast Alternative

Kotlin is very similar to the Swift language of the iOS platform. It allows for easy integration with Android Studio, just as Swift does when integrated with XCode. Like Swift, it allows setup in just minutes, and most importantly, it will allow you to debug the app without any hassle.

With Kotlin you get a high-performance coding language that not only replicates all the elements of Java, but also offers much more than Java. It comes as a complete language that allows developers to refactor and debug and do more than you could with Java.

4. The Learning Curve And Code Review With KotlinAre Very Easy

Kotlin developers have focused on providing an easy-to-read syntax, so the programming can be reviewed by those who are not yet familiar with the language. Also, Kotlin’s philosophy has been to improve Java, rather than start from scratch. For this reason, Java developers will find most of the Java language syntax familiar, but much more compact and concise.

5. The Synthetic Extension

There are many useful extensions available for Kotlin, many of which can make life considerably easier for Android development. A particularly useful example is ‘Synthetic’, an extension that allows you to completely eliminate the need to write findViewByID. Add a line of code and you can access the views directly without using their IDs.

If that crossed your mind, then suffice it to say that this can reduce your code by hundreds of lines over the course of a large project. This is my favorite advantage of Kotlin.

6. Clean Code And More Secure Code

Since the number of lines of code in Kotlin is less, it is less vulnerable to bugs. The Kotlin language allows minor bugs and avoids common programming errors, which saves developers a lot of time in debugging.

7. You Can Choose Your Own Programming Philosophy

Unlike exclusively object-oriented Java, Kotlin uses object-oriented and functional constructs. This means that you are not forced to use object-oriented programming language if you find it confusing or if you are coming from a working environment. The freedom to choose can only be a good thing.

8. It Has The Official Support Of Google

Kotlin has the maximum commitment from Google, which means Android Studio will be fully compatible with Kotlin development, so you can get started without the need to learn a new tool. You can convert Java and Kotlin code with the click of a button within Android Studio.


Now, it’s clear that Kotlin will stay for some time as a favorite among Android app developers. Kotlin is a great choice of startups for the Android mobile app development. It has many benefits and will help you build robust applications. If you want to use Kotlin for your next mobile app development project then hire mobile app developer or mobile app development company India. We hope this blog has been helpful. If you want to learn more about Kotlin and why it’s better than Java, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook.



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