How Much Does It Cost to Build a Restaurant Reservation App?

The online food ordering app or restaurant reservation app does not need any introduction. Zomato and UberEats are the most popular food ordering apps that have completely changed the landscape of the food industry. Isn’t it? Every startup or restaurant owner follows the business model of these tech giants to acquire a decent position in the market.

Gone the days when we used to visit the restaurant and had to wait for a long time to get a table at the restaurant. Thanks to the technology for making our way easier. Now, we can book a table at any restaurant in just a few touches.

In this modern era, almost every third person uses their smartphone to get many things done sitting in the comfort of home. The mobile application has become the need of every person. From e-learning, healthcare, ticket booking to online shopping, there is a mobile application for everything. 

After the success of food delivery mobile application, various startups or restaurant owners are investing in Restaurant Reservation App Development and building mobile applications to become a successful business today.

Both Food delivery application and table reservation application work on a different model. 

In a food ordering app, users place an order online of their choice and get delivered food at the doorstep. While the restaurant reservation app allows users to book a table at their favorite restaurant.

If you are also planning to build a mobile application to provide a table booking service for your restaurants or all nearby restaurants and hotels, then it is the right time to invest in. You need to design a solution in a way that would be able to meet the needs of a diverse group of people.

But to make your table reservation service stands apart, you need to focus on its features and user interface.

User App Features-

Quick registration– App users can quickly register and sign in via telephone number, email, or an account on social media.

Profiles– It allows users to maintain their profile, including membership plan and history of bookings.

Search Search feature is a must and should be advanced. Users can easily search by cuisines, time, ratings, suggestions, etc.

Menu– You can consider this feature in your Table reservation application that allows your users to book a table at a restaurant with an actual menu with the ability to change some ingredients.

GPS navigator– It is a must-have feature that you could integrate into your app to allow users to locate the restaurant easily.

Floor map– Floor map basically considers as a floor/seating map that the users can reserve seats according to their preferences.

Online payment– It is one of the most important features that help you provide an amazing experience to your customers. Allow your customers to make transactions for the foods that they had via a reservation application in order to skip the need to wait for the check.

Discounts– Every food-based mobile application provides discounts to their customers to retain them. You should keep this feature to offer discounts to regular users and make special offers on some special occasions.

Notifications– They are sent for reservation confirmation and as reminders before the due date.

Renting out the restaurant– As a rule, this option is a must if a restaurant can be rented out for a birthday party or wedding.

Social media integration– It’s for inviting family or friends on social media to share a booking at a restaurant.

FAQ section– As a helper for potential customers with questions.

Restaurant Application

Sign Up: Restaurant owners can register themselves easily and get on the board by providing login details.

Update Profile: Restaurant owners can update their profile such as phone number, address, and more.

Update Restaurant Details: Restaurant owners can update the restaurant’s detail such as a menu, visiting hours, table booking times, and more.

Table Booking Information: Restaurant owners can check the booking details of the customers such as name, members, timing, etc.

Schedule Timing: Using this feature, restaurant owners can schedule their dining hours for both visitors or table reservations.

Restaurant Reservation App Development Cost-

The cost of developing a restaurant reservation app like OpenTable may depend upon various factors such as development location, development team, application features, technologies, and many more.

With the right technologies and advanced development tools, the mobile app developers build an app integrating all advanced features and make it compatible with all devices and their availability on the iOS and Android app stores.

Apart from these things, the mobile application development company will also include Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software to make services of table reservation ever more smooth and fast.

The cost of restaurant reservation app development like OpenTable will cost you around $40,000 – $50,000 for the only single platform, if you outsourced it to the mobile app development company in India, then it may cost you around $25,000 for a single application.


If you are running a restaurant or café without any dedicated mobile application, so you are losing 30 to 35% of sales every month. Around 60% of users use their smartphone to reserve a table online. Restaurant reservation app development is essential to boost overall sales. Hire a dedicated mobile app developer to build a restaurant reservation app.

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