What Are The Top Benefits Of Hybrid Mobile App Development?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Due to innovations in recent years, there are many platforms to choose from for the hybrid mobile app development. These applications can run on multiple operating systems while maintaining a code base. Generally, these applications will support Android, iOS and Windows (due to Windows universal applications, desktop application functions are also included).

Although all available platforms have adopted their own unique methods to achieve these functions, they are divided into two segments. On the one hand are native applications, which can be compiled from a language into code that supports ARM. Some examples of this approach include Xamarin (using C# in conjunction with Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE) and Codename One (using an open source alternative to Java). On the other hand are hybrid applications, where the native application is a simple “shell” containing a web view, which is essentially a web browser.

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In this article, we will discuss the considerations for Hybrid Mobile App Development. Although there are differences between PhoneGap, Titanium and other hybrid platforms, they all use web views to present your mobile applications, so this will be the focus of this topic.

Here Are Top FiveBenefits Of Hybrid Mobile App Development –

  1. Resource Availability

Although HTML, CSS, and javascript may have their weirdness, the technology stack is very mature and is the standard of the World Wide Web. The benefit that comes with it is that you can freely decide to have many development resources, including web developers for project development, frameworks to be utilized (such as modern javascript frameworks such as Angular or Backbone), and creative options available for CSS styles.

  • Easy Quality Inspection

It’s always best to test on different devices-whether it’s testing your application under different screen sizes and resolutions, or checking different operating system versions, there are always factors that can and will break your application. One benefit of using Webview to develop applications is that it is relatively easy for developers to test changes in the browser and apply them to the local application before deploying the WebView to the actual device.

  • Portable Code Base

One of the most compelling reasons, especially if you want to convert an existing web interface/application, may be that the reason is that you can use HTML/CSS and JavaScript to retain the same functionality and layout. Obviously, there are some factors to consider for database communication, but web services are easy to obtain (unless of course your application needs to run offline). This is also a two-way road, so if you want to convert a mobile application into a website, you only need to copy and paste the file onto the web server.

  • Hardware Performance Issues

In a perfect world, we only need to support the latest and greatest handheld devices (spoiler alert: we will not live in a perfect world!). Thanks to HTML 5 and CSS3, although you have access to a large number of animation and design options, you may find yourself encountering some limitations in actual use due to older hardware and the burden of the processor or GPU. The ideal solution can enable hardware acceleration in the application, for example, some drawing operations can be offloaded to the device’s GPU. In addition, using the CSS 2d transform attribute (translate) is an effective way to force hardware acceleration. As mentioned earlier, animations may also start to freeze on low-end devices. This is especially noticeable if you have multiple layers of elements that contain large images.


As with deciding on any mobile app development technology, you must review your app idea, requirements and budget. It will give you a clear idea about overall cost. For a better solutions you can hire mobile app developer or Mobile App Development Company in India. Hybrid mobile app development can reduce the cost of development and time. Also it provides superior mobile app for all operating system.

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