Top Mobile App Development Trends in the Year 2020 – 2021

In today’s time, the mobile app market is taking the mobile world by storm. Every large business and startup moves to mobile applications to engage with more and more customers. Today, the total number of mobile apps on the planet has now reached a massive 8.93 million, according to a new report from Risk IQ. While 2.1 billion people worldwide own a Smartphone, according to TouchPoints report.

The mobile app development trend is growing each passing year among the mobile app development companies, business owners, and users. Right from a startup, SME, to big enterprises, most of them rely on the mobile app that’s why the usage of the mobile app is increasing day by day.

Looking at the increasing demand for mobile application development, various mobile app development companies in India are providing mobile app development services to businesses at economical costs.

In this app world, every mobile application has its own concept and strategy, whether it is related to the Development, User Interface, or App Concept. But in this ocean of mobile applications, how many applications are following the latest mobile app development trends? The answer is- very few. 

In this tech world, technology introduces something new every year and we witness them. The mobile application development companies and mobile app developers in India keep these trends to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest elements.

What a user like the most about a mobile application? An impressive UI and easy to use functionalities. That’s the reason businesses and developers need to know about the current mobile app development trends.

Here in this article, you will discuss the mobile app development trends to dominate 2021.

  • Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Mobile applications with AR & VR are much loved by mobile app users these days, are showing no signs of fading up. If you are building a mobile application for your business then consider this AR/VR feature to provide an opportunity to enhance the real-world environment using digital objects, thereby improving the user experience. Applications based on Education, Navigation, Object Measurement, Interior Design, and much more are in trend.

  • Dark Mode & Low Light UX

Mobile applications with dark mode and low light user experience are becoming popular among mobile app users. This dark mode feature can be seen in top popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, Quora, etc. This trend will continue to dominate in 2021 as well.

The ultra-modern look, dynamic elements, and minimizes strain on eyes are some of the reasons behind the popularity of dark mode UX.

  • Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps Are Rising

Cloud technology is the need for every business to run services flawlessly. The cloud technology in mobile applications impacts our collective lives. If you are building a mobile app for your business, then you should consider this feature to provide your customers with an amazing experience. We are using mobile apps that allow us to store or retrieve data from the cloud storage. It takes minimum space during a smartphone’s internal memory.

Google Drive and One Drive are the real examples of it that are dominating the cloud-based mobile app world. According to a Cisco research report, cloud apps drove 90% of total mobile data traffic by the top of 2019, and Mobile cloud traffic was 11-fold with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60%.

  • Voice UI-

Mobile apps integrated with Voice User Interface are getting huge traffic today. This is one of the fast-growing mobile app development trends that will dominate 2021. In today’s time, mobile app developers are integrating this feature in mobile apps to revolutionize the way people search for items on mobile applications. With the rise in the usage of smart speakers and voice recognition technology in devices like Amazon, Alexa, etc., the demand for the voice feature in mobile applications is increasing widely. You can integrate this feature in your mobile application to help users find anything on their device using voice commands.

  • Wearable Device-enabled App

Wearable device-enabled apps are in trend these days. The rise of wearable devices has increased the demand for wearable apps. We all have witnessed the popularity of smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, and even smart rings. Moreover, All these wearables have changed the way we interact with smart devices. If you are planning to build a mobile application, then we recommend you make your app compatible with wearable devices.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence & Chatbot are not new to the internet world. All of us have come across the term artificial intelligence at least once. Since it is frequently used among mobile applications and websites, it is already expected to be one of the major global app development trends. Businesses are integrating AI & chatbot into their system in order to boost the customer engagement rate. If you are going to build a mobile application, give it a thought.

  • Motion UI

When discussing current mobile app development trends, motion UI is quite popular. Mobile applications with smooth animations and graphics provide an amazing look and feel to the mobile app users. People love mobile apps that provide them a seamless experience. Motion UI is in trend and will continue even further in 2021.

  • 5G Technology

The world is going to be more advanced with the 5G technology. Businesses are turning to 5G technology to become more productive and improve business performance. It is the most awaited app development trends among startups and mobile app development companies. 5G is the most suitable technology for apps made using technologies like AR, VR, and 4K video streaming. Thus, mobile app developers in India can also use 5G technology to build solutions that will improve the digital performance of many industries.


Developing a mobile application is not a big deal, but what you are providing in it is very important. Every year mobile app development comes with new trends, if you follow these trends it would certainly beneficial for your business. Hire mobile app developer or the best mobile app development company in India that is capable to provide you an advanced and dynamic solution.

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