Why Choose React JS For Front-End Development Among Others?

Why Choose React JS For Front-End Development Among Others?

React JS is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. It is used for building user interfaces that are fast and scalable. ReactJS is all about developing reusable UI components so it plays very well with other libraries like Redux, MobX, and many more. Today we have got an article on why should you choose React JS as your front-end development framework? The main reason behind this choice of choosing ReactJS is that ReactJS provides a reusable UI widget so it makes the work easy to maintain.

1. Shorten Development Period And Realize Cost Reduction

It’s no secret that every CEO wants to get the most out of it with less effort. React Native allows you to deploy using the same code on both iOS and Android platforms. Business owners can shorten the development cycle and expand the teams involved in the project. Save time and money. It is also possible to reduce development man-hours by nearly 50% without sacrificing quality or productivity.

2. Cross-Platform Offering

In short, you can get apps for two platforms, iOS, and Android, all at once. React Native was created by the Facebook team. iOS support was released in early 2015, and Android support was released in the fall of the same year. This framework combines the strengths of mobile app development with the agility and power of React’s native environment.

3. Multiply The Development Efficiency Of Native Apps

React Native is based on React’s ideas, so you can create powerful mobile apps. Native app development is considered less efficient and less productive. React Native shortens the development cycle and enables us to deliver products at the fastest speed. Every mobile app development company in Jaipur, India adapts hybrid environments and delivers native results. In addition, React Native has a feature called “live reload” that other native frameworks don’t have.

This allows you to see the latest code changes at once. That is when you open two screens, the first shows the code, and the second shows the mobile screen as a result of the code.

4. React Native Is One Of The Leading Frameworks For Cross-Platform Mobile Development

With React Native, you don’t need Java, Swift, Objective-C, etc. for Android and IOS respectively. You no longer need to hire mobile app developer team. A JavaScript developer who is familiar with native UI elements, hybrid mobile app development design patterns, and APIs is sufficient. React Native has strong support and constant promotion from a huge community of developers.

In the event of a problem, JS and native enthusiasts can help with a quick resolution, as well as share their own development skills and the equipment they need.

5. Focus On UI And Get Immediate Access To Native API

React Native specializes in building mobile UIs and is comparable to other frameworks. So React Native looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. The built mobile app is smooth and loads much faster than traditional hybrid apps. The UI is fluid and responsive because JavaScript interacts asynchronously with the native environment.

6. Single Code Base For iOS And Android

It means deploying one code base to multiple mobile operating systems. Components can be reused in existing code at any time and at any level without the need for users to rewrite code or recompile apps. This framework is open source for compatibility with other platforms and is available throughout the developer community. You can write a native module in an equivalent language and link it to the React Native codebase in an easy way. You will need it if you are developing a feature that is not currently supported by the React Native library. You can easily turn any web project into mobile-ready. React Native allows you to reuse your code. One update can support two platforms.


Even though the gap between AngularJS and React has been reduced over time, React still remains one of the favorite JavaScript libraries in today’s time. We just discussed the things which make this library so popular. Want to know more about React JS feel free to contact us as we are a learning Mobile App Development Company in India providing innovative mobile app development services for industry of all types.


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